Career Guidance
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Career Guidance
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A program designed for Career Planning and Outplacement Services to:

  1. Guide clients in identifying skills/transferable skills, career objectives and options to increase their employability in the shortest time possible.
  2. Encourage clients to use positive approach and attitude in handling unemployment or career transition.
  3. Provide outplacement services and effective, individualized job search strategies, or group job search workshops.

The following areas will be covered:

  1. Initial Consultation to identify career needs, options, and realistic goals.
  2. Skill Assessment. Effective assessment material will be used in identifying other possible career options as well as a means to help clients in handling changes and difficult situations due to unemployment and career search.

Career Planning Sessions

  1. Career Portfolio for Job Seekers
    1. Resume-writing and cover letters
    2. Effective interview skills and techniques
    3. Job prospecting
      1. Uncovering hidden markets
      2. cold calls - phones, letters
      3. informational interviews
      4. networking and marketing the clients' skills
      5. thank-you letters and follow up
    4. Handling offers and salary negotiations

  2. Skills Upgrading/Training
    1. Computer classes – Group or one-on-one sessions
    2. Assistance in checking and assessing available training programs/courses
    3. Referrals to government agencies/programs

  3. Employment Counselling Assistance
    One-on-one confidential counselling/consultation in handling job-related issues, unfair labour practices, difficult situations and grievances.